Tuesday, July 26, 2011


hello everyone! its been awhile since i've posted and i won't be posting as much since i really don't have the interest to! so i've decided to do a good post. like my blogging journey from 2007 in livejournal up till now in 2011 on blogspot! hahahaha i had an extremely good laugh looking at my old pics. omg. i'm truly and sincerely a transformer in disguise... HAHAHHA

and well, presenting myself from 2007 till 2011. DO NOT JUDGE OKAY! took my lots of guts to upload some of them. i can't believe i was so chubby last time! hahahaha

okay, to me, i really think that my transformation is quite a WOWZA... if i could i would upload ALLLLL the photos of myself from 2006 man. fucken' hilarious. like all the phases a teen could go through.... hahaha i really had a good laugh! hope you liked this post. and ya ya ya go pass around my fat pics to everyone k. tell the whole how fat i was... hahahahha

so yea, anyway. until next time i suppose! i don't know when or how long more! but i really intended to do a farewell vlog! but i just havent seem to found any time for it. mehh.... soon alrighty!!

♥ Tigerlilyx